Fire Hydrant Inspection: What You May Need To Know

Every year, hundreds of fire incidents are reported. The best news is, that many of such fires get contained before they destroy and cause fatalities. For the few incidences that lead to destruction or injuries, it is because something somewhere went wrong. One aspect that prevents such losses is the availability of a working fire hydrant. To ensure this facility works, there is a need to go for fire hydrant inspection Atlanta services.

When it comes to fire safety, a fire hydrant plays a vital role. These hydrants get fixed in chambers that are under the surface or roads. If there comes a fire and you must put it off, the hydrants are used for the water supply. For firefighters, they can restock water from these hydrants within a short time and help put off that fire.

In many cases, the hydrants located on roads and public areas get maintained and then owned by local companies or councils. However, you may see them on some private land like campuses or hospitals. If you installed a hydrant in your property, there is a need to have it inspected and then tested. Maintenance also becomes your responsibility.

So, why is hydrant testing and inspection vital in today’s world?
Fire hydrants remain part and parcel of fire safety today. These installations give local fire brigades access to any amount of water needed to fill the truck. If that facility is not maintained and inspected, it can be a risk factor. Some defects might arise and it becomes hard for the facility to deliver water as needed. The inspection ensures these hydrants deliver enough water in times of emergencies. By doing inspections, inspectors run them and ensure they work as needed. The inspecting process will help detect leaks and spot defective valves. They also ensure the facility works right every other time.

And how often do these hydrants need checking?
If you installed a fire hydrant within the property, there is some need to do the annual maintenance or inspection. Servicing here becomes a legal requirement under the law. The recommended inspection is to have it done twice. But even having the inspection done more than twice is a good idea.

The process of inspecting that hydrant follows some standards. First, the inspection team will do that above ground. It’s a visual inspector to check covers and frames. The team inspects those surrounding area surfaces and indicator plates. If there is any debris surrounding here, it is removed to allow the fire technicians to access the point when needed. The below-ground inspection of the chamber is also done. If there is any defect seen here, it is reported and servicing is done immediately.

The next thing is to complete is the wet pressure test. A standard pipe is fitted to the facility outlets. The valves are opened to allow free flow. The inspector then decides if there is enough water coming out. If the pressure test shows leaking signs, it is corrected to stop the problem.

The hydrant inspector has enough equipment needed for static pressure testing, flowing tests, and others. Hiring them offers the best services today.

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